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LP7 is a spirited violinist, singer/songwriter and music producer currently traveling. A creator of soulful EDM, she fuses flavorful chord progressions and live music elements, resulting in hip-hop and r&b finishes. Drawn to music-making in early childhood, she was writing songs at the age of 10. She recorded her first single at age 14 and later went on to sing and play violin in the group Speak Life, traveling for performance and radio tours, and hitting Gospel Charts. LP7 returned to University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Violin Concentration in 2020. Music production has been a love of LP7's since 2013, and she has combined her skills as a singer/songwriter, MC, producer and violinist into the newest single, Chillin, now available on all streaming platforms! Her musical expressions create an immersive portal that welcome all who hear, and speak to the audience's soul. Whether you listen to the vibrations of her violin playing, give her a word to create a song during a freestyle segment, or listen to her soulful vocals, an LP7 encounter is one you are sure to remember!

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