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Your Invitation Into My Musical World

Here I am... and here you are with me. Welcome! I'm LP7, and I love to create slick tracks (a.k.a good music- in case my slang didn't translate). I can recall listening to songs growing up and paying close attention to the bass line. This natural pull to hear the bass and how it moved helped me understand some basics about chord progressions. Many years later as I pursued a music degree, I learned how to build chords in various ways. What began as hearing bass lines and chords (responding with the classic "stank face" when I would hear a crazy progression) turned into creating melodies and tracks of my own. With years of ear training, composing and songwriting, I taught myself to translate the sounds in my ear into a digital audio workstation. I feel especially excited to produce tracks from the ground up: fusing different sounds, genres and styles.

So where am I today? At this very moment... I'm sitting in my room at my studio desk, feeling motivated and blessed. Earlier this week I experienced this deep knowing that now is the moment to share. So, I want to give you glimpses into the process of realizing my dream. I went from hoping to knowing, and thinking to executing. But this is not just about me... I would love to add value to your life through my journey and creations. You are welcome here.



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3 commenti

Kim Meadows
12 set 2020

This is beautiful! Your Dad and I are so excited to travel this journey with you!

Mi piace

12 set 2020

I’m so grateful that you’re here with me! 😘

Mi piace

12 set 2020

Yes! I am beyond excited, sis!! Let’s journey!

Mi piace
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