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Energy Toward Knowing or Doubting?

I felt so overwhelmed with humility and gratitude earlier this evening when I received a message from a loved one. But let me back up first! I shared THEE e-mail today with family, friends and supporters. What was “THEE” e-mail you may ask? It was my first official written notification to others that I’m doing this music thing... for real! This afternoon, after teaching myself how to set up a tripod (which was harder than it looked by the way lol), recording my own footage, and spending time unplugged in nature- I knew that today was the day! Keep that word “knew” in mind. So, I came home and crafted “THEE” e-mail that hit 27 people’s inbox. The initial responses were so lovely and supportive. The message that stirred me up and brought me to tears was what prompted the title of this blog. This amazing person told me that they wanted to support the music and the vision and would contribute in a way that I’ve been needing. As I typed my response back, I cried deeply. These were tears of watching my “knowing” come to life for me. What do I mean? In my life, there are things that I feel so strongly about pursuing even when I don’t see “how” it will all come together in this physical dimension. But my Spirit knows... so I go forth. I put in the effort, I flow with the current, and provision is ALWAYS here. It takes a lot of energy to try to focus on a project AND doubt... think about how it makes you feel? It’s draining and discouraging. But if you have that feeling... a KNOWING, that you’re going after what’s for you, keep going! When doubts come up, allow yourself to recall what you KNOW! And rest assured that it will come. Just keep breathing, walking peacefully, and doing what you feel led to do!

I love you! Go with your Knowing.



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