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Patience in a Fast-Paced Industry

I'm sooo close to releasing my music. Closer than I've ever been, actually. I'm feeling really excited, like I just want to share this fire with whoever connects with it! I get in modes where I'll work on creating, practicing, and researching for a combined ten to twelve hours a day. The work flow is moving me forward and the momentum is amazing! In these moments, I want to do everything at once. I want to create the track, copyright, upload the song and video/visual and push it out right away. But woah there! There is a process that I've had to go through to ensure I'm prepared when the music is released. Have I prepared the music not only creatively to its liking (more on that last statement in another blog)? Legally? Visually? Am I ready to engage with the wonderful people who will connect with my songs? All of these things have encouraged me to slow down, make sure that business is in order first, and breathe. Yes, breathe and trust that my process is... well I was going to say perfect, but that could imply some sort of possible imperfection. So, I'll just say my process just IS. I have a deep knowing that whoever is feeling my music will connect with it. I also realize that not everyone will love it. And I think that this is okay! This gives me comfort to continue to create, observe, learn and be at peace with my timeline of sharing these songs with the world. I hope that whatever you're passionate about and working toward, that you can breathe and enjoy the process. Yes, you'll make it to your goals (or even somewhere more exhilarating) but don't lose your joy on the journey!



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