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What is Its Value to You?

One evening this past week I was having quiet time alone- breathing, listening, and just being. I heard one word- "Read". As clear as that was, I was eager and willing to follow that guidance. So, I got up from my chair and went to the book collection in my nightstand. I was led to The Tao Te Ching, "Chapter" 3. The line that stuck out to me was this: "A low esteem of wealth keeps the world from covetousness." Why did this stick out? How did this apply to me? It started to become clear within minutes that some of the agitations that I feel in life are linked to the value I place on receiving or experiencing said "thing". Here's what I mean. If I place a high esteem on a situation having a certain outcome, then I increase my likelihood of being disturbed or irritated when those things don't go the way I desire. When I feel the need to dig deeper into why something isn't going "my way" (which I have a strong tendency to do), I'm resisting instead of accepting and making peace with what is now presented to me. There is nothing wrong with me valuing a particular path, outcome or people. But when my valuation of those things begin to affect my inner peace, it's time for me to look closer. If I never get that outcome that I think I need so badly, will I be okay? If my answer is no, than my value on that "thing" is too high. Because here's what I know- life happens and shifts and it won't always align with my original plan or desire. If I tighten my grip and don't allow a natural flow to occur, I only create further turmoil within myself. And that's not what I want! So, I've been looking within to see how much I'm valuing certain things in my life. I'm DEvaluing certain things in my life. And for me, this has been a helpful part of my process to stay with my peace, and decrease my internal disturbances. Do they still come? Of course. I allow them to be seen, and I eventually remind myself to release instead of clenching down. If you feel like you can relate to this at all, my heart goes out to you. I know it's not easy. I know that you had your plan and you were convinced it would add to your happiness. Guess what though? It's not over! You can create a new story, or you can shift your value on that outcome. Ultimately, you can experience the gratitude and joy within- with or without that "thing". Isn't that what we desire anyway? The feelings that will come from said situation? Let's get creative, take care of ourselves, and move toward those thoughts and beliefs that support our wellness and peace!

I'm sending all my love,


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